The Full Story

"Today I Smiled Project"

The Today I Smiled Project was dreamed up by founder Sharron Townsend after a heartfelt conversation with his college wrestling coach. In their conversation, Sharron asked how he could repay his coach for always investing in him. His coach responded, "Don't pay me back, pay it forward."

Since that moment, Sharron has made part of his life's purpose to pay it forward to others any way he can. Throughout this journey he realized the power of "Random Acts of Kindness" and believed that more people would do them if they just had a little reminder to pay it forward. 

That's when Sharron decided to launch the "Today I Smiled Project". A reminder to perform acts of kindness and encourage others to pay it forward to someone else using the iSmiled cards.



Help people see their life matters by using the power of random acts of kindness through a belief that even the smallest actions can change the world.